Wordle Game



Statele is an excellent Wordle replacement. The goal of the game is to identify the United States's physical features. Statele tells you how close you are to the first state by displaying the distance in miles. Afterwards, you can use the compass to show the direction of a new prediction you're making.

You'll discover a new location to check out every day. In addition to seeing the direction you're heading, you'll also be able to see how far you've traveled.

This is the best time to learn more about US states, maps, and where they are. Other games, such as Tridle, are available as well.



  • To find the Statele, you have six chances.
  • Each guess must originate from a recognized state in the United States.
  • Using your best guesses, you can calculate the distance, direction, and proximity of your current location to your target location.
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