The new word game, Tridle is a spinoff of Wordle. It is intended to play the role of an intermediary between Quordle and Dordle. The only thing that’s required of you to complete a Tridle is to solve three Wordles at the same time.

When you type a word, the corresponding space in each of the three columns will be filled. When a letter is highlighted in yellow, it indicates that the letter is associated with a word that is located in a different cell. When a letter turns green, it indicates that it is a match for the word that is contained within the same cell. If you can recognize two to three letters at once, matching words will be much simpler for you.


You will get feedback on how well you guess each mission’s objectives. If a letter is positioned in the appropriate spot, it will change from red to green. In the event that it is not in the correct position, it will turn orange. If it is not present in the word, it will be written in black.