Who are Ya

Who are Ya are given eight opportunities to pick out the famous soccer player from the blurry photo. To make it more challenging for yourself, you can cover up the image. You are able to recognize the participant who has not been named.

When you begin to type a name, you will be presented with the option to select it from a list of suggestions as you go. The clue will evaluate the correct response based on five different criteria. This data includes the location of the player’s birth, the name of their current club and league, the player’s position on the field, as well as their age.

If you do everything correctly, the box ought to be green. In that case, you will have to begin the process over again. You can then use your instincts and try to identify people who are either in the same location as you or who are on the same team in order to find the solution. Every new guess they make makes their pictures better.


You will have a total of eight chances to determine who the hidden player is.