Wordle Game



The game known as Wordle is also known as Xordle. But what is special here? Let's find out now!

Your objective is to correctly guess two words before you run out of chances. If you are able to comprehend it, the Xordle word will indicate when the puzzle has been solved. The rules of the game are identical to those of Wordle. The color of the crosswords will shift in order to assist you in locating the hidden word.

The fact that there are two coded words is the unique feature of this scenario. Both of these hidden words contain no letters that are shared between them. Win Xordle and share it with your friends now!



  • Guess two hidden words in nine tries.
  • Every one of your guesses needs to be a 5-letter word that can be used.
  • Following each guess, the letters' colors will morph to indicate how close they are to the correct spelling of the word.
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