Wordle Peaks

Wordle Peaks is a modification of Wordle that lets you specify how many letters can be used in a given tile. This game is played daily, but more than once on the same day is possible. Two hints, such as a letter that is too low or too high in the alphabet, will be given to you to help you guess a six-letter word.

That anyone can jump in and play a role in its meteoric rise to fame in recent years. There are only six possible times per day that you can complete the task. It is possible to receive the same letter more than once. There could be a hidden message in every single letter. An entirely new word, every single day!

After each day’s competitions conclude, players in the ultimate algorithmic game get to play through the same game again. In order to return to the previous page after completing your daily vocabulary peaks.


You’ll need to use a total of six different strategies to find the secret word. There must be at least five distinct words or characters in each try. After each attempt, the letter’s color will change to reflect how close you came to spelling the word correctly. The letter is too far up the alphabet if it is highlighted in yellow. Raise the position of the blue lettering. Number of keys that can be used to fill a cell with text.

Each day in “challenge mode,” you will have to figure out the meaning of a different word. You could also use the random mode to play an infinite game of “word peaking.”