Wordle Game



The popular word game Wordle served as the inspiration for Wheredle, which was then combined with the location-based search functionality of Google Maps. Discover a new state in the United States every day using a different image pulled at random from the city view mode of Google Maps. You will need to view the rendered version of Google's Street View, which was captured in each state, so that you can make use of contextual clues like street signs, listings, and physical addresses. Following each incorrect guess, an arrow will point in the right direction on the map, indicating the path you should take to arrive at the correct state. You have a maximum of seven chances to get the question right before it locks you out.

This game is quite new and interesting, isn't it? You can also give the Weaver game a shot if you want to.



Identify the WHEREDLE in seven attempts. You must guess both the 5-letter WORD and where the word is in the ten spaces. The color of the tiles will change after each guess to indicate how close your guess was to the correct word.

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