Wordle Game



Taylor Swift and Wordle Game lovers can play a game called Taylordle. This is a brand-new combination, and it will help you have an experience that is truly one of a kind. Are you a true fan? The next step is to give yourself a challenge by attempting to guess how many words are related to Taylor Swift. A game of guessing words containing four to eight letters with each player getting six guesses. After each guess, the letters in the word will change color to indicate which one is the correct one for the word you are looking for.



Guess 1 word after 6 guesses. The letters will change color after you enter the word. The letters in green are the ones we need to find and are in the right place. The letter that turns yellow is the one we need to find, but in the wrong place. And the letter that turns gray is an incorrect word and should not be repeated in the next guess.

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