Wordle Game



Swiftle gives you the opportunity to listen to a snippet of a song and test your knowledge of Taylor Swift's discography by guessing the title of the song. Fans of Taylor Swift from every corner of the globe will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in matters pertaining to pop star records.

The best features of this application are the option to replay previously completed puzzles and a mode that lets users choose the level of challenge they wish to face. These features can be accessed through the app's settings. To choose a date, click the Calendar icon that is situated at the very top of the screen.

In the event that your assumption was incorrect, you will be given the opportunity to continue listening to the song for an additional second in order to get closer to determining the correct response. Don't worry if you can't quite put your finger on the name of that specific song. After entering the word, a dropdown menu will appear, giving you the opportunity to select the complete name. You can proceed by selecting this link.

By placing a limit on the number of times a player could guess a song, Swiftle was able to make Wordle a more challenging game than it originally was. Heardle accomplished this by making the task as simple as it could possibly be by requesting as many guesses as they could possibly have about the song. Swiftle, on the other hand, only required the player to make six guesses before correctly identifying a Taylor Swift song. Let's say for the sake of argument that Swiftle's database includes all of Taylor Swift's songs and serves as the foundation for the daily challenges. A player has the option of participating in the daily challenge or not (or go back and play old games).



Take a look at the video and see if you can identify the song that Taylor Swift is performing in just six tries. Any song could have provided the sample to be used. At the one-second mark, the video will start playing. You will gain one additional second for every guess that you make. To begin playing the video, press the play button on your keyboard.

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