Wordle Game



The Squardle is a game that you can only play once a day. You have to do the same thing again to finish a square. Not as simple as Wordle. There are 10 chances to answer correctly. If you fill in every square, you get an extra chance to guess each of the first five words.

The hardest parts of the game are at the beginning. When you're done with the daily challenge, you can share it on different social networks.

You will have ten chances to guess. If all the squares are filled, you will have one more chance to guess each word that is left. If you guess all six words correctly, you win. Don't forget that you don't have to guess the right answer to solve the puzzle. At any point in the game, all the letters need to be green for you to win.



You can find out how many letters are in each word by using the search engine. The color will be yellow if the letter isn't in the right place. It will turn red if the letter is there but not where it should be. Watch out for the crossword's color. You'll be able to find what you need.

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