Wordle Game



Spellie is a word puzzle game that is played frequently by young people. If you are familiar with Wordle and want to introduce your children to the fun of solving word puzzles, then this is the game for you.

This is a game that can only be played in the daily mode, which features words that are very simple for children to understand. There are three increasingly challenging puzzles to complete each day. A simple test using only the vocabulary from grade 2's short words. The vocabulary in Hard mode is from fifth grade. However, it is a challenging mode.

You have a total of 6 chances to guess the daily word, and there are three different levels of challenge. If you find a solution, you can post it for your friends to see on various social networking sites. Have fun with your little ones!



You have six chances to guess the hidden word.

Each attempt must be a valid word that is either five or four letters long.

Following each guess, the letters colors will morph to indicate how close they are to the correct spelling of the word.

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