It was the video game Destiny 2 that sparked the idea for Rolldle, a variant of Wordle. Using your information, Rolldle creates a highly entertaining game. It prompts you to identify the reel from this information. Benefits of various kinds are available frequently.

The Rolldle system consists of five columns. An appropriate right is listed in each respective column. You’ll receive one of three possible outcomes after making a guess: a green checkmark if you were right, a down arrow, or an up arrow. If the correct privilege is less common than the one you have selected, the down arrow will appear, and if it is more common than the one you have selected, the up arrow will appear.

The random weapon rolls in Wordle and Rolldle set them apart. Both the weapon you use and its color grade (from red to green) determine your overall rank. These marks reflect the variety of attachments that can be used with that weapon. Now we’re getting to the tricky part. Even if you think a perk is essential, other players might not.

You’ll be given a gun and told to predict the correct unique roll. Stop trying to figure out what’s written on the enchanted scroll. You have only guessed at a single scroll.


If you have six guesses, you get ROLLDLE. Each potential suspect needs four advantages and weapon expertise. The answer’s position in terms of how often it has been selected as a solution is also a helpful indicator. There will be an arrow in each column indicating whether the correct answer has more votes than your prediction.