Redactle is a daily browser game in which the user attempts to determine the subject of a randomly obfuscated Wikipedia article, which is selected from the 10,000 Vital Articles on Wikipedia. Because the article has had almost all of its words removed, you will need to start making educated guesses about the kinds of words that might have been included in it in order to determine which article you are looking at. If you correctly guess a word, that word will be revealed, and once you’ve revealed a whole lot of words, you might be able to figure out what the overall topic of the article is. However, at this point all we can do is make lots and lots and lots of educated guesses.
There are also a lot of other enjoyable games that are similar to Number Jumping.


Enter or use the Guess button to try and guess the word you’ve typed in the input box. The word will be completely unredacted in the article body. To win, you need to know the article’s title or subject matter.