Wordle Game



An online game called Phrazle is a game in which players guess multiple words at the same time using a board of phrases. This is a game that you can play multiple times a day if you want to. Six tries are allotted to guess the phrase, and the player must fill in all of the spaces. The cells will change color based on how close you are to the correct answer, similar to how Wordle works. In the Phrazle word game, you must guess a word in three or four attempts to complete a phrase, and you must do so quickly.

What do you think of the Phrazle? Or try Octordle, you might like it too!



Alternatively, if you're unsure how to play the game, you can type "Hint button" to get some help. Go to the game's page and select "Practice" from the top menu to get some practice with this game.

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