Wordle Game



A game that is very comparable to the Wordle game is called Octordle. However, there are many standout features that give this game its appeal. Try to decipher all 8 of the coded words at once in the game. The game is played on 8 boards. Words are entered into 5 cells at a time. Following 13 guesses, you will need to discover 8 secret words. When you have finished entering the first word, the letters will change color to indicate which word you should search for next. It's pretty tough, isn't it? However, this is also a very challenging game. When you win, you will feel more accomplished.



Typed letters will change color when pressing enter. Green is the word to find and is in the right place. Yellow is the word to look for, but in the wrong place. And gray is the word not in the list to look for.

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