Wordle Game



Mathler was developed specifically with math aficionados all over the world in mind. People who enjoy the originality of ideas but don't want to be tied down to the word-guessing part of the game are the perfect candidates for this activity.

This variation is distinct from others in that it provides the complete answer at the beginning of its presentation. Using the digits 0 through 9 and the four operators +, *, &, and /, you need to determine the equation that corresponds to the final answer that has been provided.

On the surface, Mathler may appear to be very similar to Wordle. However, it is significantly more complicated. It is required that you fill in six cells, and each one of them must contain either a number or a mathematical operator. Mathler does not insist that you include the answer in your predictions like other prediction tools do.



When you see a green box, it means that you have entered the correct number or operator in the appropriate spot. Orange indicates that it is a part of the equation but not in its proper place. The color gray indicates that it is not included in the sentence.

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