Larry Birdle

The web-based word game known as “Larry Birdle” gives players eight opportunities to correctly identify the name of an NBA player. The game is completely free to participate in. If you are a fan of the NBA, we think you will enjoy playing this game.

After the player’s current game has been completed for the day, Larry Birdle does not permit them to begin a new game. The game will provide a list of all the players who can join, and you will have to select one of those players to represent you as the current Larry Birdle player from the pool of available players. Each player is responsible for their own investigation of the clues.

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  • You have eight guesses. One of them may be an active NBA player.
  • When there is a match, any column that is green will light up.
  • One of the hints in this column is the yellow color.
  • If you find yourself unable to proceed, try switching to silhouette mode.
  • Each day features a different player concealed in mystery.