A word game that is comparable to Wordle is called Kilordle. However, rather than playing a single game, you can participate in a number of different word games all at once. Each guess is evaluated independently for each game. You are not required to correctly guess the target word in order to win each game in Kilordle. It makes no difference how many times you guess the right word in the puzzle. You are free to speculate as many times as you like.

It is necessary to guess at least 1000 different words. Despite the fact that the Wordle spinoff provides an equal number of opportunities to guess, Kilordle is extremely difficult to win.

When you have an excessive number of words to guess, it is simpler to find at most a few answers that are correct. The game may make it challenging to get the answers right and may take several hours to complete. Wordle junkies might consider this place to be heaven. The number of words that remain hidden from you is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


Word searches like Wordle are called crosswords. After each guess, the crosswords take on a different shade of color. This will assist you in discovering the secret word.