Wordle Game



The Wordle-inspired game Hertl is like a cross between Wordle and a search engine for NHL players. There is another name for this in the lexicon: NHL. Having fun and unwinding is what you should be doing right now.

After one game is over in Hertl, the player is not permitted to start another. Once you've identified the mystery player in the Hertl game, you can post the results to your social media accounts.

You must solve 8 puzzles in Hertl before you can name an NHL player. To help you decide which group to join, we've provided you with a comprehensive list. Right now, you have to decide which one of these people you think is the Hertl member. A separate set of clues will be given to each player. On a daily basis, a new player appears.



  • Few as possible should identify the NHL player.
  • The current fantasy player will be the solution.
  • With each guess, the tile's color will shift to reflect the player's proximity to you.
  • When two columns are a match, they will both turn green.
  • In the column labeled "division," the yellow text indicates the precise assembly but not the precise section.
  • If the correct number of players is within two, it will be indicated by yellow in the location, country, and age columns (inches, years or numbers).
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