Wordle Game



In Heardle's version of "guess the intro," you're given a song's first second and six chances to guess it correctly. The game is based on the classic phone-in radio game of "guess the intro." A one-second sample is a great way to exercise your ears, and you'll be amazed at how much information you can glean from it.

"A long list of popular streamed artists" will be featured in Heardle's daily trailers. To get the correct answer, you only have a single second to guess correctly. When they get to the sixth and final stanza, they'll play a total of 16 seconds of the song. Even if you think the code is too short, it's possible to skip a few tries and still get the answer.

Using Wordle Game in conjunction with music is a perfect match. Try your best and have fun!



Listen to the song and guess the name of the artist. You have six chances to get it right.

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