Wordle Game



Those who enjoy Wordle can also try out Gordle, a hockey-themed variation. You will be assigned a 5-letter NHL player's name every day. You have to make an educated guess. This daily puzzle will test your sports IQ and is fun to play.

Gordle suggested that, instead of trying to guess words, listeners try to guess the last names of NHL players. Similar to Wordle, they consist of five lettered words. The podcast where Gordle first appeared has become very popular among hockey fans. Wordle knockdown is a great way to have some fun and test your vocabulary.

Why is it so tough to figure out? To play Gordle, you must guess the five-letter surnames of ice hockey players. Because of this, you can't just type whatever comes to mind in the hopes of getting closer.

You and your knowledge of great hockey players of the past and present are our only hope. While you anticipate the next Wordle, you can indulge in your current fixation.



Include the player's last name and the player's current NHL team in your guesses. To submit your response, press the Enter key on your keyboard.

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