Wordle Game



Flaggle is a variation on the word that serves the same purpose as the original word, but this time it's represented by a flag. The objective of this game is straightforward: identify the flag of the region or country by making the fewest number of guesses possible. If you are successful in this daily board game, you will be able to see how well it was solved as well as your stats.

After each guess, you will see a similar flag that displays your guesses using the same color that you used for the answer. In order to make the color palette more usable and manageable, it was narrowed down to the ten most common colors. It acts in the same manner as words in that it enables you to share the game on your various social media networks. You are only allowed one try at playing the game per day!



  • You have a total of six chances to identify the secret flag.
  • Every single attempt has to be appropriate for the specific nation on the list.
  • With each new attempt, a new section of the flag will be revealed, providing you with a geographical hint as well as a hint about the distance.
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