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Explordle is an excellent example of a locator game. You will be presented with a video of an arbitrary location, and your task will be to select the correct location from among the four options presented to you.

In order to determine where you think the video was shot, you need to familiarize yourself with important visual clues associated with the video, such as the language and words used in street signs and interior design. Following the submission of your best guess, you will be able to view the actual location of the video on an interactive map. You will receive a certain number of points that correspond to the distance between where you are and the location shown in the video.

The game known as "Explordle" puts your travel knowledge to the test all over the world. You also find out about a lot of new and interesting locations. So have you guessed where it's at today? That's the challenge for you!

If you aren't going to start playing right away, what are you waiting for? You also have the option of playing Globe, which is yet another game that involves guessing locations.


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