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Dordle 2

Dordle 2

It's interesting to see how Dordle 2 differs from the original in terms of effects and settings. Players will have a better time if they see things in two dimensions. There are seven chances to discover two mysterious words in Dordle. What do you see as your greatest strength?

To solve the puzzle, you must use a different guesser for each grid, and you must enter your guess into both grids at once. Those looking for more of a challenge than Wordle can find it in Dordle 2.

Once you've aced a quiz, you can show off your knowledge by posting your score on Twister or other social media. In addition, take a look at our Scholardle and Chessle games.


The color of the letters in the word you entered will change. Each shade of green denotes an accurate guess. Right place, right time! In this case, the color yellow indicates that this letter is not only present in the hidden word but also in other places. Gray indicates that such a letter does not appear in the word, as shown in the example.

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