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Two five-letter words must be guessed to complete the puzzles of Dordle, a slightly more difficult version of Wordle. You're not given any clues as to what the words might be at first, but as soon as you make a guess, the tiles change color to indicate whether or not you correctly identified a letter from the word, whether or not it is in the form of letters.

Both of today's words, dordle, require seven guesses to be correctly identified. You only get one more guess if you guess two words, rather than six if you guess one word.

Dordle is a great alternative to Wordle if you want to play a more advanced version. You won't be disappointed with this game! You can also take a stab at some of our other titles, such as Dordle 2.

Tips for playing Dordle

  • Start with a strong word: To get your puzzle off to a good start, you should have some extra words. Vowel density is high, and no letters are repeated. Adieu, audio, atone, raise, and stone are some of the more popular selections.
  • Be on the lookout for doubles: It's easy to overlook the possibility of repeating letters in your crossword puzzle. The word "sheep" has two "e"s in it, for example. Dordle's clues aren't going to lead you to this conclusion. Just because you see a green letter somewhere doesn't mean that it won't work somewhere else!
  • You may not always get the right words, so if you're stumped, try searching for 5-letter words that begin or end with the letters you've figured out so far in your puzzle. This can help you come up with possible solutions to the puzzle, and then you'll be better prepared for the next one!


You have seven guesses and two words to uncover. Each time you make a guess, the color of the boxes will change, giving you a clue as to what the word is.

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