Wordle Game



With Cloudle, you can have a city in any location. There are weather icons you can use instead of using letters. A variety of weather conditions are possible, such as clear skies, haze, rain, storms, snow, and sleet.

As usual, you use Wordle to create a grid of predictions. Instead of writing words, you can predict the weather in random cities for the next five days. As Wordle's usual method, it will tell us if we are correct or incorrect, if any symbols are missing from the forecast or are present but not in the desired position. You will be given six guesses in today's quiz.



Try to figure out the city's weather forecast for the next five days. It's easy to see your successes (in green) as well as your failures (in yellow), thanks to the Wordle style of visualization (gray). Each day, a new city will be added to the list, giving you a total of six chances to get it right.

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