Wordle Game



Wordle's variation, Absurdle, offers a change of pace. Word guessing game Absurdle has a more random feel to it. If you don't find the correct word after many rounds of guessing, the game is over. Because the words you guess are all gray and you don't know what to look for, this game raises the difficulty level of word games to a new level. The only way to find out what words to look for is to look at the hints and guess them the next time you take the test. When you make a wrong guess, Absurdle's internal wordlist gets smaller and smaller, making it more difficult to get to the correct word until you do.

Isn't this a difficult game? You can also try your hand at Word Master!



Guess a word consisting of 5 letters. Guess when to find the word you are looking for. Use hints to guess words more easily.

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