Wordle Game



Another game that was inspired by Wordle is called Worldle. However, rather than asking you to guess a word, this one asks you to name the country or territory of the day. In the game's default mode, you see a map of the country and have six chances to guess what it is.

You will be given the distance that the country you guessed is from the correct location as well as the direction in which you should look. If you are looking for a more difficult challenge, try out one of the other two modes, both of which can be found in the game's settings and will have an impact on the next puzzle.

It's a fun way to put your geography knowledge to the test, and you'll find that it's a particularly difficult test when you visit landlocked countries in Eastern Europe or Central Africa. It's fantastic, isn't it? Now is the time for you to have fun and unwind!



The player has a total of six opportunities to guess the name of the nation and territory. Following each guess, you will be given hints that will assist you in determining the correct response.

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