Wordle Game



The newest addition to Wordle is SWordle. If Star Wars is well-known, you're more likely to get the right answer in six tries.

The basic way to play Wordle is the same. You have six chances to find a word with five letters. Victory will always be linked to Star Wars. There can be numbers or special characters in a Star Wars word, such as (-). When solving SWordle, players must remember this.

Fans who are proud to read Aurebesh can use the "Use Aurebesh Characters" option to play the game in Aurebesh. If you don't like the font used by default in this game, you can choose to "use plain characters."



The player gets a hint after three failed attempts. Or, players who don't know enough about the franchise's words can check the list by clicking on the icon in the top left corner of the screen. By clicking on the "Share" button, players can show off what they've done.

Green means that the letter is in the right place and is in the right spot.

Yellow means the letter is in a word, but it is in the wrong place.

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