Wordle Game

Flagle 3

Flagle 3

Flagle 3 is an additional progression from Flage. It has been redesigned, and it is a lot more interesting than the first version. There are just a few squares that you need to look at in order to determine the answer to the Flagle. Your familiarity with the emblems that represent the world's nations will be put to the test in this activity.

Additionally, you can play this game in Daily or Random mode. You are able to personalize everything to your liking. The fact that all of the flags are proudly displayed for everyone to see makes this place truly unique. It's interesting that players can see, recognize and learn more interesting things at the same time.



You have a total of six chances to locate the hidden flag. Simply click on the flag that you believe holds the correct answer for today. Coloring the cells will help you find the hidden flag.

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