Wordle Game



Canuckle is a special mix of Wordle, all the words to guess are Canadian themed. The player has six different options to choose from, which are laid out in a grid that is 6 by 6. The secret word could be anything from a single word to a location or even Canadianism, as long as it has some kind of connection to the country.

Word puzzle players are going crazy for Canuckle around the globe. Just in case you can't figure it out after the first six attempts. Don't worry about what might happen if you don't make a guess. Last but not least, at the end of each day, the word "Canukle" will be displayed automatically.

For those of us who have a strong affinity for Canada, this is an exceptionally entertaining game. Why don't you go ahead and play it right this second? In addition, here on our website, you can play a wide variety of fun games, such as Primel.


Canuckle displays yellow or gray for guesses that are incorrect, and red for guesses that are correct. With these color hints, Canuckle will help you guess if the letter is in the word puzzle.

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